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Are You Ready for Love?

I have now made available, directly on line, the exercises, information and strategies that I have used with thousands of couples over the last 25 years. Couples have used this material to recover from the trauma of an affair, to find solutions to relationship problems and to make breakthroughs in their relationships.

Now, so can you!

1 After the Affair: Graphical and text based Help for Recovering from the Trauma of an Extramarital Affair or other relationship crisis.


2 After the Affair: A guide for Recovery

This article incorporates the lessons of hundreds of couples who have gone from the crisis of an affair into deeper relationship intimacy.

$ Free!!!     Let me know what you think, please.  kmarlowe@willingspirits.com


Email Consultation: Answers & Suggestions

Ask a question and I will design a response specifically for you.

$ 17.00 CDN


Ready for Love Tutorial V. 2:

Ready for Love Tutorial: Work on line with your partner on exercises that prepare you for and develop intimacy.

$ 25.00 CDN


Ready for Love Tutorial V 2 & After the Affair Discussion Forum on CD

Use the Ready for Love Tutorial on a CD that also includes a wealth of wisdom from persons attempting to recover from the trauma of an affair.

$ 49.00 CDN (Includes shipping & handling)


Ready for Love: Telephone Consultation

Ready for Love Consultation :Direct telephone consultation with the author of the "After the Affair" site and creator of the "Ready for Love" tutorial(30 minute increments each)

$ 58.00 CDN

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Then you can get "ready for love".

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